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The Startup Directory is organized in the following way:

  • Thailand Startups by Category - The master list of startups that are Thai entities or are largely based in the country. Some of the startups may have pitched at events and received angel funding but they are still progressing in their development and seed stages of funding. The startups with a * in front of them are Funded.
  • Funded Startups - Startups (that we know of) who have received funding from instutional investors such as registered funds (VC, Angel, Investment groups) or traditional lenders such as banks. These startups also remain in the master list.
  • Exited Startups - Startups that we know have exited. This is usually through full or partial acquisition by another company. The founders may or many not still be involved in the startup and the startup entity itself may or may not still exist as a separate entity.

Thailand Startups by Category - (Startups in * are funded)

e-Commercem-Commerce  |  Mobile Advertising | e-Learning | e-Fashion | Consumer Research | Marketplace | Crowdsourcing/funding | FinTech | Tools | Social Media | Dating | Gaming | Social Impact| Digital Marketing | Entertainment & Lifestyle| m-Health | Travel | Payment Solutions | e-Recruitment | Payment Solutions | Real Estate Portal

Startup Website   Category
*aCommerce   e-Commerce
Deehub   e-Commerce
Cosme*net   e-Commerce
KiddyLoft   e-Commerce
Mocha+   e-Commerce
*Page 365   e-Commerce
*WhatsNew   e-Commerce
BentoWeb   m-Commerce
Budket   m-Commerce
Digio   m-Commerce
MergePay   m-Commerce
PiggiPo   m-Commerce
Todok   m-Commerce
Mobile Advertising
Freebie   Mobile Advertising
Socialhappen   Mobile Advertising
Binumi   e-Learning
Conicle   e-Learning
HiKnowledge   e-Learning
KiDDyApps   e-Learning
Knolio   e-Learning
Langfight   e-Learning
Mathblink   e-Learning
Rabbit Learning   e-Learning
*SkillLane   e-Learning
*Taamkru   e-Learning
Woof Woof Studio   e-Learning
Chilindo   e-Fashion
Fit Me App   e-Fashion
Infinit Closet   e-Fashion
*Pomelo   e-Fashion
*ShoppingIS   e-Fashion
*WearYouWant   e-Fashion
Consumer Research
Attack Price   Consumer Research
Fastinflow   Consumer Research
  Consumer Research
Freehap   Consumer Research
Loyalty in Motion   Consumer Research
Service2Share   Consumer Research
Zodio   Consumer Research
Aircheck 24   Marketplace
*Blisby   Marketplace
Bookup Asia   Marketplace
Eatigo   Marketplace
FindYourSpace   Marketplace
Foodstory    Marketplace
GoTasty   Marketplace
*HotelQuickly   Marketplace
LivePhuket   Marketplace
My Motosai   Marketplace
*Ookbee   Marketplace
Parking Duck   Marketplace
*Priceza   Marketplace
RealMeal   Marketplace
Rush Bike   Marketplace
Sellsuki   Marketplace
*ShopSpot   Marketplace
Smipter   Marketplace
Super RFQ   Marketplace
Treebuild   Marketplace
VenueHub   Marketplace
WishBeer   Marketplace
*Wongnai   Marketplace
Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
afterword   Crowdsourcing
Anipipo Creative Playground   Crowdsourcing
Found Dot   Crowdsourcing
Sinwattana   Crowdsourcing
Socialgiver   Crowdsourcing
SETScope   Fintech
*StockRadars   Fintech
*Anywhere to Go   Tools
*Builk   Tools
*Drivebot   Tools
*Eko   Tools   Tools
*Playbasis   Tools
Primes   Tools
Proteus Agility   Tools
Puun   Tools
QueQ   Tools
ReadyGraph   Tools
Relately   Tools
ScreenCloud   Tools
ShoutOut Studios   Tools
Simple Different   Tools
Simplest CRM   Tools
Stamp   Tools
UpToPromo   Tools
ZeroShake   Tools
Social Media
500 Trends   Social Media
*AddressTalk   Social Media
Chatterbox   Social Media
*Computerology (SocialEnable)   Social Media
Hola   Social Media
MOLOME   Social Media
Penta CloudClient   Social Media
Shoutout Studios   Social Media
Splashpost   Social Media
Sticgo   Social Media
Dipify   Dating
*Noonswoon   Dating
*Infinity Levels Studio (formerly Avalable)   Gaming
*Inni3   Gaming
Musketeer Media   Gaming
PocketPlay Labs   Gaming
Sandbox Global   Gaming
*Sinoze   Gaming
SoZZial   Gaming
Social Impact
A-Chieve   Social Impact
Bayteach   Social Impact
Hive   Social Impact
*I Lert U (Anywhere to Go)   Social Impact
Klongdinsor   Social Impact
Local Alike   Social Impact
*Meditech   Social Impact
Opendream   Social Impact
Plant Money   Social Impact
RediGen   Social Impact
Team Nugrean   Social Impact
Wheel-go-round   Social Impact
White Card Asia   Social Impact
Digital Marketing
Appy Hotel   Digital Marketing
Entertainment & Lifestyle
Findr   Entertainment & Lifestyle
Find Your Way   Entertainment & Lifestyle
Fourleaf   Entertainment & Lifestyle
GiGalator   Entertainment & Lifestyle
  Entertainment & Lifestyle
Good Eats   Entertainment & Lifestyle
Hankster   Entertainment & Lifestyle
Instaroid   Entertainment & Lifestyle
  Entertainment & Lifestyle
Storylog   Entertainment & Lifestyle
TakeMeTour   Entertainment & Lifestyle
  Entertainment & Lifestyle
Washbox 24
  Entertainment & Lifestyle
Wellograph   Entertainment & Lifestyle
WonderMe   Entertainment & Lifestyle
YogaTrail   Entertainment & Lifestyle
Digalator   m-Health
DoctorMe   m-Health
Novitat   m-Health
Orrisoft Studio   m-Health
Snap 'n Bite   m-Health
AISOFT   Travel
JetRadar   Travel
Payment Solutions
*2C2P   Payment Solutions
*Omise   Payment Solutions
#Links   e-recruitment   e-recruitment
TalentEx   e-Recruitment
Real Estate Portal
Fazwaz   Real Estate Portal
*HipFlat   Real Estate Portal
Home In Bangkok   Real Estate Portal
Roomfilla   Real Estate Portal
*   Real Estate Portal

Funded Startups

Funded startups are those that have received funding from instutional investors such as registered funds (VC, Angel, Investment groups) or traditional lenders such as banks.

Startup Website Category
2C2P Payments
aCommerce e-Commerce
AddressTalk Social Media
Anywhere to Go Tools
Blisby Marketplace
Builk SaaS
Computerology (SocialEnable) Social Media
Drivebot Tools
Eko Tools
Consumer Research
HipFlat Real Estate Portal
HotelQuickly Marketplace
I Lert U (Anywhere to Go) Social Impact
Infinity Levels Studio (formerly Avalable) Gaming
Inni3 Gaming
Meditech Social Impact
Noonswoon Dating
Omise Payment Solutions
Ookbee Marketplace
Page 365 e-Commerce
Playbasis Gamification
Pomelo e-Fashion
Priceza Marketplace
ShoppingIS e-Fashion
ShopSpot Marketplace
Sinoze Gaming
SkillLane e-Learning
StockRadars Finance
Taamkru e-Learning Real Estate Portal
WearYouWant e-Fashion
WhatsNew e-Commerce
Wongnai Marketplace


Exited Startups

startup website Category
Agoda Marketplace
Ensogo Marketplace
Pagemodo Social Media
Sanook Marketplace
Tarad e-Commerce